About Us

Since our professional services have allowed them to maximise their time, which can now be spent on running their respective businesses. In the long haul, this will end up saving you money – since you can do more at work while we take care of all your document delivery needs. Most importantly of all, businesses have found us to be reliable and efficient – characteristics which reflect positively on their image as companies. It seems like an ideal situation – your business keeps on running and your staff do not waste any precious time, while also making sure your company’s image remains pristine and all your documents get delivered in the most secure and timely manner.

Why Choose Us?

We offer swift and reliable delivery of documents up to 1kg to any part of Malta and Gozo. This is made possible by our Document Express Courier who collects your documents and carries out the delivery on a motorbike – now equipped with a satellite vehicle tracking system. This means that, in addition to the signed vouchers by the consignor and consignee, we have an audit trail of all trips done and this info can be used legally or for any other purpose to your benefit.


We do more than just delivering documents. With over 20 years of experience and a solid customer base, we aim to create long-lasting partnerships with businesses all over Malta and Gozo. A relationship based on trust and experience is what makes our excellent services possible.